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Country Profile by Azalea Times



Aedoris is a democratic republic known for its vibrant economy and technological innovation. Governed by a parliamentary system, the nation prides itself on its commitment to freedom, human rights, and international cooperation. President Clara Renhart, known for her progressive policies and diplomatic approach, currently leads Aedoris. The country has a mixed economy with significant strengths in technology, renewable energy, and manufacturing.

GPS System
RandomIntruderabout 1 month ago

The server is equipped with a GPS plugin. Commonly, people will tell you specific plots for shops. Don't know where that is? Use the GPS! Quests will tell you to go to specific coords. Don't wanna keep F3 okay? Use the GPS! 

GPS To Plot with Plot Number 

/gps start [plot number]

Some plots don't have GPS for some reason :( 

GPS To Coords

/gps-coords [coords]

Stopping the GPS

/gps stop (works for both of the above)

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