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Cosmetics & Emotes

Cosmetics & Emotes

Hello, and welcome to our first Gameplay Showcase! Today we will be looking at our brand new Emote & Cosmetic system, which will allow you guys to uniquely show off your character!


One of the major new features we have implemented is our cosmetic system! We have over 100+ unique cosmetic models, with over 1000+ possible combinations! We cannot wait to see how you make your character unique!

A Variety of Cosmetics

You can access all of your cosmetics from your phone menu, which means no more losing the physical item! Cosmetics are divided into 4 main categories - Hats, Offhands, Backpacks & Accessories! We'll delve more into how this works in a later announcement!

You may ask how you acquire these cosmetics? You can find them through two main sources - the auction market, and Cranston's Cosmetic's - the best shop in town for all your cosmetic needs!

Cranston's Cosmetic's


Emotes are a big part of other games, so we decided to add them to City Roleplay as-well - why not?! We have over 50+ Emotes to choose from, to really get across how your character is feeling to other players! These emotes interlink with our cosmetic system, meaning you can use both to really show off your police officer character, or your pastry chef character!

'Bring the Energy'

You can emote anywhere, at any time, and most importantly - with anyone! Some emotes will take time to unlock, as you progress around the world, and some will be findable straight away!

And that's all for today! We know you guys have been waiting awhile for the server, but we promise there is not long left to go! We will see you emoting on the server soon! Goodbye!